How To Tackle Your University Supplementary Applications


Calling all Grade 12's. This one's for you:

University applications are coming up fast and it's time to get a head start. Here are 3 ways you can get prepared for them:

1. Supplementary applications look for everything you've done outside of your academics. So, look at everything you've done over the last 3 years in and out of high school and write it down. What's applicable to university applications? What's not? Start to group the activities into categories, such as sports, volunteer work, jobs, clubs, mentorship programs etc. 

2. Do some research on the programs that you are applying to. Look at what each university application is asking for in their supplementary applications. Leadership? Teamwork? Volunteering? Map out what you can write about for each application question. 

3. Now look at the gaps. What clubs/volunteer work do you need to start particpating in? Start making a list of everything you need to join so you can write about them in your supplemetary applications. 

Here's another tip: Most universities don't want to hear the same 'soccer coach stories' over and over again. They want real, dedicated stories about how your leadership changed a team dynamic, how you spoke at a conference, inspiring younger students to follow their dreams, or how you started a non-profit. The point is - try your hardest to make your university applications ORIGINAL. After all, they go through thousands of applications every year and are looking for one that stands out!