5 Ways To Help Get Into Your Dream University


So you want to get into university. But not just any school, it has to be a good school right? Well here are 5 ways you can bump up your applications, and ensure you get into your dream school!

1. Get Good Grades

I mean obviously! But here's the thing. You might have ALL the extracurriculars in the world on your application, but it's not going to mean anything without the grades to back it up. Your grades are usually the first thing universities look at, and without them, unfortunately, you don't stand a very good chance at admission.  

2. Volunteer/Intern Over A Job

Most of you will not have the time to be in school, play on a school team, be a part of extra curricular activities, hold on to a part time job AND be able to have a fulfilling volunteer/internship experience. Our advice? Ditch the job, and grab onto the volunteer opportunity. If you're lucky, you can land one in your field, and it's a much better answer to an application question compared to a job at McDonald's or H&M. You'll be able to strategically use what you've learn to better your university app, as well as stand out from your competition with a cool internship, compared to your friends who can only speak to a part time retail or restaurant job.

3. Work On Your Writing Skills

You can have the best app in the whole word, but if you can't communicate that in your writing, then it means absolutely nothing. Universities look at your writing too, and it's a huge deciding factor on whether you get admission. Writing well is NOT a skill you can learn overnight, and you need to practice for years before your writing skills are top notch. Our suggestion? Start early. Read books (for fun!), learn new words, read articles, write short stories. It all helps you become a better writer!

4. Don't Compare Yourself To Others

When you start applying to schools, you will notice that everyone around suddenly becomes your competition. Everyone is applying to the same schools and it could feel a little intimidating. Ignore it. Just focus on your strengths, what schools you're applying to, and your applications. 

5. Start Early 

This last piece of advice, we cannot stress enough. Start in grade 9 and 10. Look into the schools you want to go to, the programs you're interested in, funding options, and what you need to have on your application to get accepted. Those who start doing this research in advance have the time to beef up their resumes and make their applications perfect by the time grade 12 rolls around. If you wait until the last year, you will find yourself scrambling to fit in all these clubs and volunteer experiences on top of the hardest year of high school. Why would you want to do that to yourself?