5 Tips On Making A Schedule


Are you having a hard time managing your time? We know it can be incredibly difficult for high school students, so we thought we'd share a little guide to show you how you can make a schedule and manage it!

 1. Make a Task List
Write down all the tasks you have to complete for the week in a list format. Include everything you can think of: school work, chores, club meetings, events, team practices. 

2. Make a Schedule
It's so crucial to make a schedule! Take your list of tasks and start scheduling them into an agenda or calendar. 

3. Allocate Effort to Task
Here's where you will break down how long each task will take you. If you think your English paper will take 4 hours, break it up into a few hours per day, scheduled over the week. Practices and clubs usually have timings, so that one is easy. Schedule group projects generously, these always tend to take longer than expected. 

4. Be Realistic  
It's so important to be realistic and not over schedule yourself. Don't underestimate how long something will take you to complete, in fact it's best to overestimate! That way you'll have extra time if something comes up, or if the task does actually take that long to complete. 

5. Schedule Down Time
Don't forget to pencil in some down time. You deserve it after tackling that to-do list! And even if you don't get around to finishing everything, you can always schedule it in tomorrow!