Why English Tutoring Should Be On Your Radar!


When people think of tutoring, math and science usually come to mind. However, most people also need help in English. 

In elementary school, you're graded on spelling and grammar, as well as essays. By the time high school comes around, students believe English is the easy subject in comparison to Advanced Functions, Chemistry and Physics. But the truth is, only a few students receive 90s in English. One of the reasons for this is because grading English is very subjective. Your 85% paper from one teacher could be a 72% in another teacher's eyes. The only way to avoid this: You must constantly be practicing and improving your English. How do you do this?


Reading is the number one way to improve your English skills. And we're not talking about books you have to read for school. Reading helps with developing sentence structure, learning new words, as well as learning about new styles of writing. And you aren't limited to books either - you can read online publications, newspapers, magazines or blogs!


This one is pretty obvious, but needs to be said. As a student, you may be used to different styles of writing, but try to expand on them. Try writing a one page essay per week to get some practice. For each essay, pick a topic and a style of writing - it could be descriptive, narrative, persuasive - or even in a journalistic style. 

Read it Aloud

Once you've written a paragraph, try reading it aloud. It may be a little weird, but it will help your essay flow, and make sure it is easy to understand. It'll also help you make sure there are no errors, and if what you've written actually sounds good!