How To Set Yourself Up For The Best Semester Yet


Welcome to the new school year. It's been a few weeks, and hopefully you're settling in to the new semester. We want you to have your best year yet, and you can do it if you just follow these 5 steps: 

1. Set goals, both big and small. Whether it's to make the volleyball team this year or get a 95% in chemistry, set yourself goals and then write them down, these are your big goals. To achieve these goals, you have to form smaller goals for yourself. Maybe you'll practice volleyball with a friend three time a week. Or you will make time to study chemistry every single day, regardless of everything else on your plate. When you set goals, and make it a priority to achieve them, that's when you become successful. 

2. Know your weak spots. If math or science is not your forte, and you already know this, then it's your job to bridge the gap. These subjects are not going to become any easier as you progress, so it's important to brush up on your math and science skills and make sure they are up to par. 

3.  Be proactive, and get to know your teachers. They are here to help you! Being prepared and going the extra mile to visit them during office hours to ask questions shows your teachers that you are invested. They appreciate students who are interested and committed, and they in turn will do everything they can to help you succeed. 

4. Buy An Agenda  + Use iCal/Google Calendar
Put everything in your calendar, then sync it to your phone. We mean everything - homework, tests, projects, practices, club meetings, get-togethers with friends. Writing it down and referring back to it everyday ensures you won't forget anything. We know phones aren't always allowed in the classroom, which is why you can use your agenda to write tasks down first, and then copy them into your calendar. 

5. Create a daily schedule for yourself. If you need help with making a schedule, we talk more about it here.

And that's it! Hope you have a great semester!