We offer our students an extremely high level of service that focuses on time management to prep our students for university. Our program consists of individualized tutoring in a group setting. We advise our future students to come experience what a session is like at Zylor Education on us, absolutely free! It's important to us that all our students feel comfortable with their tutors and in our environment. 


Individualized Study Plans

Do you always feel stressed out? We cater to the needs of each of our students by creating an study plan to help them learn the importance of time management and discipline. We don't want our students to be stressed out about last minute tests and assignments!


Personalized Exams

Hate when a thinking problem you've never seen before pops up on test? No worries! We can create personalized tests customized to the level of difficulty your teacher uses to prepare you for upcoming evaluations.


Homework Help

Help is always available! We never want our students to feel they are alone when doing homework. No matter where you are, help is always available either through our tutors, or our online help facility. It's as easy as snapping a picture of your questions and sending it in to us! 


Career Guidance

Not sure what you want to do with your life? We offer catered one on one sessions with our education specialist to explore your career options. In addition, we assist with your university applications to get you into the program of your choice. 

Parent Services

Parent's always play a large role in our students' success. We like to keep our parents informed with weekly progress reports, practice test results, and homework results notifications through email. We strongly believe that we can work as a team to achieve success for our students. 


At Zylor Education, our doors are always open. Schedule a parent meeting with our tutors and director to discuss the progress of your child. We're vested in your child's education just as much as you are.