How We Teach

In the Session

One on one tutoring where students will learn concepts, cover two topics, take a quiz every session and homework will be assigned.


A study plan will be created for every student to help keep them on track. Zylor will share the plan with parents so they can follow along with their child’s progress.

Support Services

Listen to our Video Lectures and Lesson Summary when not in a tutoring session for each topic.1

Subjects We Tutor


When we Tutor Chemistry, we ensure that you understand the concepts. Concepts are the key to obtaining a good grade.


Physics is a highly conceptual subject and when we tutor physics, we emphasize the conceptual nature of physics.


Biology is all about applying what you have learnt. When we tutor Biology, we emphasize how to apply what you have learned.


If you want to change your Math grade, join our tutoring service and see how quickly your grades will improve


Develop a love for the Sciences by joining our Tutoring Science program which will improve your grades.


Start writing code the moment you join in all the popular languages such as Java, Python, C#, C++ etc.  We make coding fun and easy.


Tutoring in English with us is critical to getting grades in the 90’s. Start English tutoring early as it takes time to improve English.

Google Reviews

Great experience! My daughter did math and physics tutoring for grade 11 and 12 and got into the university of her choice. The tutors were so great. They have this highly structured form of tutoring which was very good for her. My daughter took advantage of their Online Help service and Video Lectures, where she could ask for help on questions when she was not in a tutoring session. I would highly recommend Zylor Education!

thumb Lyn Colaco
February 17, 2023

I would like to thank everyone at a Zylor Education. They were extremely friendly, professional and helpful. They did wonders for my daughter. She was taking a online class with help from the individuals from Zylor Education. She ended up passing her class with a 85% highly recommend. Thank you Joseph and the team

thumb Renae Palet
February 24, 2022

I am glad my daughter underwent coaching at Zylor as the methodology and the process adapted by Joseph and his team has assisted her with strong foundations on Math & Science preparing her for University by consistently providing feedback to improve. Joseph personally guided us on subjects my daughter needed to choose for each semester to enable her pace herself to achieve relevant grades to get admitted into university for her choice of stream. Grateful to Joseph and his amicable team and highly recommend this program.

thumb James Saldanha
February 24, 2022

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Zylor Education

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Structured Tutoring

  • Teaches students two topics every session that is covered in school.
  • Teaches students ahead of the class.
  • Whatever the student needs help with.
  • No Structure

Virtual/ In Person

Video lectures for each topic 1

Lesson Summary

(for each topic in a chapter)

Practice Test for each Chapter

(Help with any questions when not in a tutoring session)

Learning Management System

Used to administer practice tests, host video lectures, Lesson Summary

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