How To Get Into Your Dream University

So you want to get into university. But not just any school, it has to be a good school right? Well here are 5 ways you can bump up your applications, and ensure you get into your dream school!


Are you having a hard time managing your time? We know it can be incredibly difficult for high school students, so we thought we'd share a little guide to show you how you can make a schedule and manage it!


Welcome to the new school year. It's been a few weeks, and hopefully you're settling in to the new semester. We want you to have your best year yet, and you can do it if you just follow these 5 steps: 

“I finally got into my dream school for university and it's all thanks to the Zylor team. If it wasn't for the tutors and the support they provided I wouldn't be where I am right now.” - Sarah, University student (1st year)

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